I’m reading Heaven by Randy Alcorn for the second time.  It was inspiring the first time I read it, which I believe was about 10 years ago, and I felt that my heart could use a refresher.

I love reaching further into the truths about Heaven that the Bible shares with us, and I love knowing that what the world teaches about Heaven is inaccurate.  It’s not a boring, cloud filled, harp plucking eternity–  It’s everything beautiful and promising and wonderful that God has offered through his Son Jesus.  I was talking to a friend recently about a trip to the Oregon woods I took back in 2016.  I told her everything was so lush, full of life and green.  It felt so clean and vibrant, new and exciting.  This book sheds light on the New Earth God will create, what Heaven is really like.  God created us, our thoughts, and all the awesome things we can picture in our minds..  Why would we ever assume Heaven is a boring place of monotony or anything less than amazing.  How do we absorb these lies from the world?!  I adore this book and the way it has opened my eyes to how exciting Heaven will truly be.

I also have to add- it breaks my heart when people tell me my baby is in someone’s arms being rocked.  My baby, is in Heaven.  She is not bound by time or the body she had here on this sinful Earth.  God is not going to be restricting babies to baby bodies forever, considering issues like abortion- can you IMAGINE if God made all those fetus’ remain as fetus’ forever?!  No! Why do we bound Heaven up by time and try to put God in a box.  Our perceptions of this marvelous place are so off base.