Precious in His Sight

When we were preparing for Lila’s funeral, we had trouble deciding what to put on her stone. I was sitting in the car outside the cemetery caretaker’s home (Josh was inside discussing details.) I was flipping through the Bible looking for four words we could put on her stone. Engraving costs were by the word and four more was about all we could afford at the bottom because the stone and cement were already super expensive.
I grew upset because I wanted God to allow me to “just turn to a page and find it”. It was such a difficult trial in my life, and I just wanted him to make something (anything) easy. I had little patience. It was then that I broke down in tears and prayed for help. I told him I’d wait for his answer. That was on a Monday afternoon. Later that night our bible study group came to our home to be with us and to pray. It was amazing that they’d even made it considering the conditions outside. The fog was thick, not the usual kind of fog, but so thick you could scarcely make out your own hand in front of your face. Along with their visit- they gave us another gift- a tangible one- a blanket from the church. I opened it up, it was a depiction of Jesus with a child, across the bottom it read: Precious in His Sight.
I only had to wait half a day for the answer.
I remember how I felt when I held that up and read it, the way my heart leapt when I saw four sweet words on the blanket.
From that moment on, I did not doubt that God heard my prayers. It strengthened my prayer life in a way that I could not have accomplished on my own. God is great. When I get down and miss my daughter, I remind myself that she is precious and she’s not only in His sight, She’s in His arms!
And that was what we had engraved on her stone.
I send my love to all you other Mommas who have children in Heaven. Keep pushing forward and rely on the Lord. He will light your path- no matter how dark. And He will hear your prayers, no matter how small.  Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, not even yourself.


Precious in His Sight