Step One

Tomorrow is step one for us in our 2nd go-around in the foster system.  We fostered YEARS ago and had the sweetest little baby from 9 days old until he was 8 months.  Taking him back home to his family was awesome, because he belonged there..  His parents were super loving, sweet people who just had a few things to work on.  We were thankful for that journey, but this time we are in it to adopt.

Initially we had it in our minds that we were seeking toddlers through younger elementary, but God has really been laying it on our hearts to consider older kids.  We recently saw a few videos from the Heart Gallery site, and it was suddenly clear that our hearts are open to any adoption without stipulation of age.

We know that it won’t be without struggle, but what is worth doing that is easy?  Let’s be real, it’s often the most difficult trials and journeys of our lives that bring us the greatest rewards.  It would be INSANELY rewarding to be able to provide a home to a child who has thought they might never have a forever family.  My heart aches to do this for as many kids as we are able.