Why I Blog

I blog because 10 years ago, something so important, so precious disappeared from my life while I was sleeping.  It was shocking, heart wrenching, soul crushing.  I woke up hearing my husband’s voice in the early darkness of morning telling me our daughter wasn’t breathing.  That’s not a way that anyone wants to wake up.  But you have to wake up, and then you have to deal with it, every.single.day.afterward.

This is my story, the past, and the continuation of our life after loss, and if it can help in some small way- another grieving parent- then it has done it’s job.  I’m here for anyone searching for another person who understands.


God is our Rock and our Salvation.

We couldn’t do anything without His strength and grace.


And here is the link to our story of the day she left.

Also, a link to our Sweet Lila Grace.



Author: Momma_CCB

Momma to three beautiful children, one of which lives in Heaven and waits for us. Soon to be Foster Momma (for a second time) and excited to pursue adoption in the near future!

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